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Sunday, June 02, 2019

Howard Galganov

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These Are Not The Same Americans Who Fought & Won Two World Wars.

These are also not the Same Americans who Stopped the Spread of Communism on the Korean Peninsula, nor the Spread of Communism in Southeast Asia, nor the Same Americans who Defeated the Iron Curtain, nor the Same Americans who Put the First & Only Men on the Moon.

On September 3, 1939 . . . England Declared War On Germany. And within One Week, September 10, 1939, Canada Followed-Suit, and by November 1939, Canadian Troops were Already in England Strategizing & Preparing for Battle.

No One Drafted My Dad & His Brothers To Go Overseas To Fight For Canada.

50% . . . That’s Half of all Eligible Canadian Men of Military Age, who were of Adequate Physical & Mental Capabilities, Volunteered to Join the Canadian Military to Fight Against the Scourge of Nazism.


On December 11, 1941 . . . The USA Declared War On Germany.

Germany Surrendered On May 8, 1945 . . . Japan Surrendered On August 14, 1945. And during the Beginning to the End . . . Canadians & Americans did whatever they had to do to WIN.

There Was No Question Nor Debate About Sacrifice. Canadians & Americans Lived with Severe Rations & Shortages, and Learned how to do Without. . . Because our Way of Life was at Risk, and the Nazis & Japanese had to be Stopped. And That’s All That Mattered.

And What About - “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You . . .?” - JFK

Americans & Canadians Organized Everything from Victory Gardens, to War Bond Fundraisers & Associations Created to Send Care Packages to our Troops. We Saw a Common Enemy & Came Together Within our Respective Nations.


And There Was Rosie The Riveter . . . A Real Woman - Unlike Today’s LEFTIST Women, who Want to be Men With Boobs, at a Time when Real Women during WWII did Whatever had to be Done to Support their Flag, their Country, their Sons, Brothers, Fathers, Husbands, Relatives & Friends . . . Who Went To Fight & Give It Their All.

As I See It . . . The Last Of The Patriots Were The Boys Of 9/11 – Who After the Attacks on New York City & the Pentagon, who in Substantial Numbers Put-Their-Lives-On-Hold & Signed-Up to Deliver a World of Hurt to those who Hurt America.


I Can't For The Life Of Me – Fathom how the Average American is Not Running To Bar The Gates of America’s Borders from the Invaders . . . Who, if not Stopped, the Invaders will Turn America Upside Down & Inside-Out . . . Rendering The American Dream Into An American Memory.


It’s Not That President Trump Isn't Getting Support From Congress . . . It’s that Congress is Doing all that it Can . . . To Stop The President Of The United States Of AmericaFrom Keeping America Exceptional.


The Democrats Want To Get Rid Of ICE . . . Why?

The Democrats Refuse to Acknowledge that there is a Crisis at the Southern Border, since the Only Crisis the Democrats can see, as the Democrats have Promoted Repeatedly – IS THAT THERE’S ONLY A CRISIS AT THE BORDER MADE BY “TRUMP”.

And In-Spite Of Every Roadblock Put In President Trump’s Path, whether it is President Trump’s Executive Orders, which are Supplanted by UNELECTED LEFTIST JUDGES, or by the Refusal of Congress to Fund the Wall, or Pass an Equitable Immigration Law Favorable to America, or to do What has to be Done to get the ILLEGALS OUT, Including those Illegals who are Felons . . . President Trump Still Marches On For American Exceptionalism.


Between the Democrats, their Media-Lapdogs, Big Business and some Republicans, Including Republicans like Senators Chuck Grassley & Joni Ernst, who I thought were Stalwart Conservatives above Politics (I Guess I Was Wrong) . . . It Seems that the Earth is Going to Stop Rotating & America will go Bankrupt, Because President Trump is Putting Mexico’s Feet To The Fire, Because the Democrats Won't do a thing to Stop the Barbarians At The Gate . . .

And When The Republicans (Ryan) Held The House . . . They Did Nothing Either.


If President Trump Puts A 5% Tariff On Mexican Goods At The US Border . . . Costs to American Consumers will become Unaffordable . . . That’s BS – Period!

The Real Truth – Not The Propagandized Truth . . . is that the Tariff will be Placed on the Wholesale Cost. So, if an Importer brings Goods into the States, which Costs $1, The 5% Will Only Add 5-Cents (A Nickel) To The Import Price.

Can Anyone Reading This Editorial - Ever Not Remember Seeing . . . a Price at a Store or Online, That Didn’t Say . . . As Much as 60%-Off. Or BOGO (Buy One Get One)?

So . . . Please Tell Me How The Consumer Gets Hurt?

The Importer is going to Suffer Some Pain, and Won't Make as Many Millions of Dollars as He or She would Otherwise Make, because His or Her Product will Cost 5% More at the Import (Wholesale) Cost. But since the Importer Isn’t Employing People at Home, or Paying Into the National, State or City Treasuries . . . WHO CARES?

As I Wrote In The Preceding . . . There was a Time when Americans were Patriots, & Understood that Every Now & Then they would have to Sacrifice Some for the Good of the Nation – But That Time Seems To Be Long Past.

“Ask Not What Your Nation Can Do For You - Ask What You Can Do For Your Nation” . . . Yet Another Americanism Seemingly Long Lost.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


Greetings: Once again HG, you’ve hit the bullseye! I’d like to also add, that TARIFFS added to a product affects the PRODUCING COUNTRY, in this particular case, Mexico. SO WHAT??? If anyone in this country, including those in CONGRESS start complaining, there IS a very simple solution... MAKE IT ADVANTAGEOUS FOR AMERICANS TO MANUFACTURE THEIR PRODUCTS OR GROW THEIR CROPS IN AMERICA! By buying goods & services from FOREIGN countries that EXPORT more than they IMPORT... THEY win, not US. MAGA!

Posted On: 6/2/2019 11:10:30 AMGordon Steinberg, St Augustine, Florida, United States

Just read an article on the effect of tariffs...YOU are absolutely right!! It is on the wholesale cost, before markup by the retailer! Mexico has been playing their drug and immigration game for a long time with the assistance of the cartels!! Slam the door! (Same thing with China!!)

Posted On: 6/2/2019 11:16:55 AMRay Laws, Ottawa, Ontario

Howard 100% right with all your comments, too bad the Dems don't see what our country is coming to, might see but think it's trumps fault. At age 19 I enlisted in the Army ready to do what our government tells me to do.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 11:33:50 AMRoger Valligny, Spring Hill, Florida

Howard, you stated everything I was thinking the last few days. I think Trump is the only commander in chief that would have the strength to do what has to be done because of the fight that has also to be waged against the media and the scary cate congress. Thanks for sharing these ideas in such a logical way.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 11:58:50 AMVickie McCoy, Leander, Texas, United States

I think the real reason for these border tariffs is bringing the Congress to the table. Trump is banking on the outrage of , how dare we tariff 5% on Mexico. The average Trump hater will make a mountain out of this, good. Trump hangs it out there fearless in the knowledge he will cause a controversy. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Hope at least some of Liberals will learn how to use a Lube Gun.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 12:19:42 PMCharles Adamson, Torrance, California, United States

Howard, you see the truth, I see the truth, everyone that reads your blog sees the truth, real Conservatives see the truth but the majority of sheeples are too brainwashed by the fake news lamestream media promoting everything about the left, students in colleges have been brainwashed for decades by leftist professors and all seem to think that life is still hunky dory. I'll keep saying it when they really start to get hurt in their wallets like in France taxed at 70%, maybe they'll wake-up!

Posted On: 6/2/2019 12:19:48 PMRobert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec Canada

Good editorial Howard. You may or may not be aware that among American Democrats and liberals who are increasingly vociferous, The word "PATRIOT" is considered to be a dirty word. like the word "communist" used to be. Patriotism seems to be dying.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 12:44:03 PMVan Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States

Another top-notch bang on Editorial, Howard. I just want the Americans who come here to know aside from Howard G writing Editorials and sharing his comments & observations, Howard ran QPAC here in Montreal, Quebec...defending the rights of minorities & the mistreated English speaking people.... against Quebec's ethnocentic nationalism. Also, Howard G was very instrumental in helping the less fortunate when he volunteered at Sun Youth, putting together food banks, etc... Wonderful human being.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 1:26:54 PMBruce Sutton, Montreal, Quebec

Truly written objectively, and truthfully! It’s not necessarily “news”, but it should come as a call to Americans to “get with the program”, envisioned by our forefathers, our known, and MORE IMPORTANTLY unknown HEROES, who both knew the risk, and respective VALUES,but valued that which threatened not just as the United States of America, but the freedom and dignity of the rest of the entire world!!

Posted On: 6/2/2019 1:49:41 PMTom Corcoran, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States

Re your "old" sniveling kebecers: Our recent mayor, one Denis Coderre had the "sniveling" honour of dumping 8 billion litres (that's 1.8 billion imperial gallons or 44 million barrels) of Montreal's grade A excrement into (or onto if it floats) the St. Lawrence River. Good for him. AND renames Vimy Park after that cherished kebec ethnocentrist, Jacques Parizeau. On behalf of the seagulls and our veterans : Denis Coderre go to Hell!

Posted On: 6/2/2019 1:57:35 PMR. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

The reason the LEFT hates Trump is because he's got the GUTS to DEFEND AMERICA, as it should be. He WON in 2016 because the PEOPLE realized that he TRULY CARES for them and LOVES our Country. No other president has attempted to RECTIFY those issues which have been DRAGGING ON for years! All Obama did was to APOLOGIZE to other countries for America! Instead of ADDRESSING the RED LINES, he BOWED to other countries' LEADERS! Trump also does NOT FEAR to DEFEND himself against the PROGRESSIVES! AMEN!

Posted On: 6/2/2019 2:56:52 PMPAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA

You make a very profound point (as usual), Howard. How sad that we Americans have went from an image of the average American being a rugged plainsman/cowboy like John Wayne or the rugged soldier G.I. Joe to these whiner whackjobs.... God save us from ourselves.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 3:14:59 PMDavid Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States

Bang on, Howard. As usual!! Great article.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 6:21:03 PMMarlene leavey, London, Ontario, Canada

Where are the new American Patriots? They are in their quiet rooms and safe spaces!! Our generation is almost gone! God help us!

Posted On: 6/2/2019 6:25:02 PMSam McBurney, Mesa, Arizona, United States

Some Americans are doing what they can to help at the border. We've donated (some multiple times) to We Build The Wall on Go Fund Me set up by a triple-amputee veteran to build wall portions on private land whose owners want protection from invaders & drug cartels. They finished 1st mile section Friday in Sunland Park, NM. I hope now that it is done, more people will donate to the cause. I felt it was something I could do as a patriot; I hope others follow suit.

Posted On: 6/2/2019 6:41:39 PMPatricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA

Mr. H. G., I very respectfully disagree as to the underlying reason the Dems are totally intransigent to anything "Trump." We have to give Dem leadership (way too much) credit for understanding that the only way that their party will remain viable is to get more than their dead/double voters to vote: Jailed felons/ 16 year olds/ Illegals/ etc. How about French Poodle population? Instead of the Electoral College, a state's worth/multiplier is number of colleges. NFL/MLB/NHC franchise(s)?

Posted On: 6/2/2019 7:09:51 PMEric Young Johnson, Manson, WA 98831

The same people that are scared of a tax that our President wants to use to try to control the invasion on Our Country are the people who buy $8 coffees at Starbucks, $500 "Designer" purses, $1000 prom dresses for their daughters. They don't care about America, they want the illegal vote.. Hollywood is a nest of the worst people in the world, they can make anything with their own hands but can pretend to be anyone great. Most would starve without the working people and Patriots.

Posted On: 6/3/2019 7:02:38 AMDonald Azevedo, Star, Idaho, United States

The new leftist schooling and raising systems have all but eliminated God, family, traditional values, community, responsibility and patriotism. These are all concepts that have been labelled invalid and unimportant by the Left, and replaced by notions of personal feelings and whims, regardless of their silliness or detriment to others. How one feels at any given moment trumps all else. Its important to bring these proper values back in order for their to be any future for humanity.

Posted On: 6/3/2019 7:36:52 AMJoe Eliott, Montreal, QC

You disappeared from my roster for the past couple of months...so glad to see you back again. I've missed you! A small token of my appreciation will be forthcoming.

Posted On: 6/4/2019 5:50:58 AMCarrol Banta, Janesville, MN USA

"Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice.
And Moderation In The Pursuit Of Justice Is No Virtue"
US Senator, Barry Goldwater