If At First The Big Lie Doesn't Work . . . MAKE IT BIGGER!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Howard Galganov

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First . . . For Some Housekeeping Information.

Some of you have Noticed Problems Receiving the last Editorial. This is because, as I have Explained in some Previous Editorials, our Data Foundation is Old, and we need an Entirely New Remake for Galganov.com to Work Efficiently with the New IT Formats.

And Once We’re At It . . . I've Decided to use a New Email Delivery Format, which will be much more Difficult for Internet Providers like ATT to Block.

All of this will be Done when Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Return to Canada. In the Meantime, I will do all that I can to Keep Galganov.com Operating as best as Possible with Hope and a Prayer.


Just Look At The Failed Coup D'état . . . The LEFT & The Media.

My Pleasure isn't as Much in the Actual Mueller Conclusion, as it is in Watching the LEFTIST Rats Scramble for the Life Rafts . . . Creeps, Liars & Cheaters First!

I Especially Enjoyed Watching The Fraudster . . . And the Elitist Kiss-Ass Artist Alan Dershowitz, whine about his Treatment on CNN & Other LEFTIST Purveyors of Media Propaganda.

So What Is It . . . Are You A Libertarian Or A Liberal Democrat?

The Other Day . . . To make Himself more Inline with Fox News Viewers, Dershowitz made his Claim that he is a Libertarian . . . YET – While Groveling On Fox News Yesterday (March 25, 2019), Dershowitz Proudly Repeated his more Honest Position that he is a Liberal Democrat, who Voted for Hillary Clinton . . .

Is Being A Liberal Democrat Akin To Being A Democratic Socialist?

It’s Funny how this LEFTIST Elitist Fraudster, also Forgot to Mention that he Supported Barack Hussein Obama . . . That is - Until Dershowitz Realized that Obama Was an Israel-Hating Charlatan . . . Isn't it Interesting how Dershowitz Doesn't Brag about his Initial Love for Obama, when People like me, Knew Exactly who Obama was, and what Obama Stood-For, even before Obama was Elected to Obama’s First Term?


For All Those People Who Hate Trump . . . Just Because.

And for all the People who are Happy to say they Don't Know & Don't Care. And all the People who Don't Know Diddly-Squat, but Speak as Authoritarians. And for the Incredibly Propagandized Media . . . THEY ALL HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR AN ATTEMPTED COUP D'ÉTAT AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


This Isn't A Hollywood Production Or A John Le Carré Novel . . . Where the Socio/Political Intrigue & Plot Plays-Out to its Entertaining Conclusion, without any Life Consequences.

This Is A Seriously Real . . . Life & Death Drama!

What Happened . . . and is still Happening in the United States of America, was and is REAL. Where a Nefarious Number of TRAITORS . . . let me Repeat this – TRAITORS, Attempted to Overthrow the Duly Elected President of the United States of America . . . BECAUSE THESE TRAITORS DIDN'T LIKE THE OUTCOME OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

THIS IS NO SMALL DEAL . . . The Very Foundation of the United States of America was Under Siege for Far More Than Two Years, when one Considers Barack Hussein Obama’s 2008 Pledge as a Candidate was . . . That Barack Hussein Obama Was Going To “Fundamentally Change” The United States Of America.

Did Anyone Ever Take The Time Or Thought To Ask What That Meant?

Why Would Anyone Want To Vote For A Nobody Senator . . . With A Hidden Past, Who Wanted To FUNDAMENTALLY Change The Greatest & Freest Country That Ever Was?

Fundamentally Change America To What & Why?


For America To Begin To Heal Itself . . . and for the Justice System to be Able to Redeem Itself and Earn-Back the Trust of the People - The Perpetrators of the Attempted Coup D'état Must Be Punished to the Same Extent as the Justice Department has Deemed Appropriate to Punish People like Paul Manafort . . . and if they Really want to do it Right – All The People Who Participated in this Treason, should be Penalized . . . NO DIFFERENTLY THAN JONATHON POLLARD.

Only Then . . . Can Americans Believe In The Integrity Of The Justice System.

And Who Should Be Taken Down To The Fullest Extent Of The Law? . . . Start with the Man who Swore to Fundamentally Change The United States of America, And Really Did Collude With Medvedev On The Behalf Of Putin, Caught On An Open Mike Before The 2012 Election – then to the Woman who Sold a Huge Chunk of America’s Uranium Supply To The Russians, while Raking in Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from Real Enemies of Freedom & Democracy to the Phony Clinton Foundation . . . And all the People who Served Them In Privileged Capacities.


All of a Sudden . . . These LEFTIST Acolytes of Faux-Integrity are Claiming some Bizarre Victory for Outing the Russians . . . Who According to the LEFTIST Media Talking-Heads - Used The 2016 Election – Somehow Through Donald Trump, To Thoroughly Divide America.

That’s As Sick A Claim As . . . The Russians Made Americans Vote For Trump.

The Russians Didn't Divide America . . . The Democrats Divided America. Hollywood, Television & Performers Divided America. Academia Divided America. Social Media Divided America. The Mainstream Media Divided America – And People Who Didn't Stand-Up & Speak-Out Divided America.

With Every Passing Day . . . and with every New News Revelation – Such As All Charges Dropped Against Smollett Who Race Baited . . . It’s Hard to See how the American People Cannot Feel Betrayed by the Men & Women they Elect & Appoint to Manage American Decency. And The Media To Keep The People Honestly Informed.

A Pox On All Of Them!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.


Sheeples voted for obama for the only reason that he would be the first black president. I only had trouble once about not being able to see your blog, the last one but one quick email to you and you fixed it. Thank-You. Next, your hear the truth, you see the truth but continue to believe the lies is the definition of stupid !!!

Posted On: 3/26/2019 12:16:51 PMRobert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec Canada

Dershowitz is a slithery snake. But not even close to the likes of Obama, Hillary, Comey, etal. I to this day do not understand how Obama was not outed by the Republicans before he ran for President. All of his past associations such as Alinsky, was more than enough to tell us what kind of person he was/is. I will bet anyone any amount of money, that if Lindsay Graham follows through on what he is saying, many of these traitors will be indicted and prosecuted. Fun times ahead!!

Posted On: 3/26/2019 12:29:41 PMDon Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada

People who CONSISTENTLY LIE don't EVER RECOGNIZE the TRUTH, especially if HATRED is involved!Maybe I'm wrong, but it APPEARS that Alan Dershowitz has made a TURNAROUND in his political beliefs.We all make MISTAKES!He does make a lot of sense with his COMMENTS!The TRAITORS have been EXPOSED and IT'S having some IMPACT on some people where they NOW realize the COUP took place.Many are also CHANGING from the FAKE NEWS stations to more CONSERVATIVE truthful news! Congratulations, Pres. Trump! AMEN!

Posted On: 3/26/2019 12:45:41 PMPAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA

Howard, I agree with your article. The leftist media, NYT, CNN, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, etc. should be charged with treason. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, this has to do with a conspiracy while committing treason to take down a duly elected President. Jeff Zucker along with Hilary and the rest of the co-conspirators should be indicted and charged with treason.

Posted On: 3/26/2019 1:16:32 PMCharles Zittin, Fleming Island,FL

Hey Howard, while reading this post all I could think of is your poor keyboard surviving through till the end of your post. I would love to be in the same room with you as you compose (hammer out) and type these posts. I'll bet there are a ton of self edited words which never hit the page. Really love your passion and clear view points. Thanks for all you do, look forward to every post. Chuck

Posted On: 3/26/2019 1:51:38 PMCharles Adamson, Torrance, California, United States

Back in 1959, comedian Shelley Berman did a routine on "Airlines" because he hated to fly and was always fearful of being a victim of an airplane crash. Berman said (during his monologue): "I know many a liars doing very well these days. Making out airline schedules and actually giving you a time when your plane supposedly lands" !!! (audience laughs) ~ The LEFTISTS are liars and the bigger the lie, the more believable it becomes. Anyhow, I, for one, am not flying on a Boeing 737 Max 8.

Posted On: 3/26/2019 1:56:14 PMBruce Sutton, Montreal, Quebec

Sadly, there are many among us who would not recognize the truth if it sneaked up and bit them on the behind! Hopefully, there will be follow-through to bring charges where charges ought to have been made so long ago, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Posted On: 3/26/2019 3:44:02 PMKaren Snyder, Howe IN

Howard....I won't be able to share your wise opinions for a while as Facebook keeps locking me out. I guess they just don't like what I write or post. Like you said....."A Pox On Them All"! Chuck

Posted On: 3/26/2019 3:48:57 PMWilliam & Vickie McCoy, Leander, TX

Greetings: I know I sound LIKE A BROKEN RECORD... BUT just when I think you’ve written your BEST op/ed, you go ahead and just OUTDO YOURSELF! Everything I THINK is right here on this very page! Thank you Howard... for speaking out AGAINST these INSECTS called Liberals! Oops, PARDON ME... I didn’t mean to INSULT insects!

Posted On: 3/26/2019 4:18:20 PMGordon Steinberg, St Augustine, Florida, United States

Howard, thanks to you and also to Hannity last evening (Monday) on Fox News; at least two brave souls have taken to the media to tell the REAL story. PLEASE keep it up. And, as soon as I am able, I will happily make an additional small donation to help you carry on. Sure hope other folks can do the same

Posted On: 3/26/2019 5:20:54 PMWallace Day, Plattsburgh NY

''Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive'.' Me thinks your editorial spoke quite well to that quote. It also describes much of politicians' practices, especially some/most Democrats and RINOs as well.

Posted On: 3/26/2019 8:11:32 PMPatricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA

I hope you were able to watch Hannity's monologue last night, 3/25. I think it was the harbinger of things to come, a revolution against the coup d'etat traitors. Hope, pray, agitate, don't let us get away with being lazy, as we usually are.

Posted On: 3/26/2019 10:04:38 PMAlan Seeling, Buena Vista, Colorado, United States

Great blog today, Howard! Yes, AT&T is still up to their shenanigans in "selectively" choosing what to keep on our own emails and what to delete, even before we get to see them!!! Talk about censorship! Happily, I am still able to get your editorials through Gmail. Gut feeling ... I don't think anything will be done to all those that lied & those who plotted together to impeach Trump or attempt the coup d'etat of Trump. Congress is going to simply "sweep it all under the rug, to save face."

Posted On: 3/27/2019 7:04:00 AMMickey D Watson, Douglasville, GA, USA

IMHO, Never vote for any politician who has no track record. Obama had none. Most who blindly voted for Obama ever asked why he wanted to change America, they simply voted for him because he was black. All the people who participated in this treason, should be punished. The Clinton foundation must be audited by IRS and Congress. We cannot assess the honesty of political candidates selected by any party. Those entering national politics must be vetted before their name is slated by their party.

Posted On: 3/27/2019 11:24:41 AMVan Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States

As usual, Howard, you are spot on. Re the concept that "If At First The Big Lie Doesn't Work . . . MAKE IT BIGGER," Dinesh D'souza pointed out in his great 2016 movie "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party," the criminals will tell you the secret of a successful scam is never give up the con - even after you're caught. These hysterical, off-the-rails libs are not giving up the con. They're just expanding it.

Posted On: 3/27/2019 3:29:40 PMDavid Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States

"Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice.
And Moderation In The Pursuit Of Justice Is No Virtue"
US Senator, Barry Goldwater