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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Howard Galganov

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In My Last Editorial . . . I wrote about a Texas RV Neighbor, who was Incensed with me, because I told him . . . IF HE DOESN'T KNOW & DOESN'T CARE about his own National Politics, but knows enough to HATE “Trump” - even though he can't explain why he Hates “Trump” . . . What Right Does He Have To Vote? Which made him Indignant, because, as he said . . . I Served My Country & Earned The Right To Vote, and went-on, to Insult me for being a Canadian, who should Stay in Canada and not Return to the USA.

So Much For A LEFTIST . . . Who Seems to be OK With Open Borders when it Suits the LEFTISTS. I never Wore a Uniform, BUT NO ONE CAN EVER SAY THAT I HAVEN'T PAID MY DUES & STILL DO!

And No One . . . Can Ever Say - that just because you Wore a Uniform, that it gives you the Right & Privilege NOT TO CARE, When Your Not Caring . . . Causes Great National Grief.

I Should Feel Bad That I Hurt His Feelings . . . But In His Words – “I Don't Care”.

And Why Should I Care . . . if this Guy Doesn’t Care Enough about what’s Happening in his Own Country, enough to be Informed, and to Vote for a Reason, Opposed to Propaganda?


The First Year Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I came to Texas by RV, 5-Years Ago, I was Astounded by the Number of Inconsiderate & Selfish Drivers there were on the Greater Austin Roads.

I Couldn’t Believe . . . That when I Indicated to Change Lanes, Especially while Schlepping a Monster RV, Instead of Drivers Slowing Down to Let Me In, most Sped-Up, because . . . GOD FORBID, I was going to take a Few Feet of their Turf, and Perhaps Delay the Destination of their Journey by Seconds.

I have been Accused from Time-To-Time (According To Anne – All The Time), of being a Pissed-Off Driver, who gets Angry at People who Hog a Lane, or Won't show the Courtesy of Letting another Driver to Cut-In, or Drive Too Slowly in a Passing Lane, or Signal their Turn only when they Begin to Make their Turn, if they Signal at all . . . OR TEXT WHILE DRIVING – EVEN AT A LIGHT.

I'm Not Frightened In One Way Or Another To Voice My Displeasure.

Anne’s kind of Worried . . . that one Day, I'll find myself going Toe-To-Toe on the Road with a Jerk who doesn’t like to be Called-Out for being a Jerk . . . Since it’s happened before. But that was when I was a Somewhat Younger-Man.


It’s All About Disrespect . . . For Yourself & Others.

It’s Against The Law To Drink & Drive – Yet People Still Do It!

It’s Against The Law To Text & Drive . . . Yet People Still Do That Too! And as far as I’m Concerned, the Basic Penalty for the FIRST OFFENCE of Texting & Driving, even when Stopped at a Light - should be . . . The Immediate Loss of Driver’s License for a Minimum of One Year . . . And the Loss of Whatever Vehicle that Person was Driving at the Time.

I am also Furious with People who take their Shopping Cart to their Car, and then just Leave the Shopping Cart in the Parking Lot, or Shoved up on a Grassy Knoll, when there is no Shortage of Shopping Cart Corrals Close Enough.

I Detest People . . . who aren’t Considerate enough to Hold a Door Open for People coming through after them. And I Similarly Detest People who Don’t Say Thank you to a Person who did Hold a Door Open for them.

SO . . . When we Read, Hear or Watch the Number of People, Especially amongst the Elitist LEFT, who Love to Lecture the “Little People”, as they themselves Cheat & Steal their Way for their Children to Attend Elitist Schools, Colleges & Universities . . . Where’s The Surprise?

We Are Living In A Society . . . where the Rules Seem to Apply to Everyone – But To Some . . . Where Teachers, Parents & the Media are too Busy Fulfilling their Own Selfish Agenda by Hook or Crook . . . Where the End Justifies the Means – And It’s Everyone Else's Fault For Whatever Happens But Their Own . . . To Extoll The Virtues Of Common Sense & Decency.


Because You Don't Care Means Squat To Me . . . There Are Far Too Many People Who Don't Care, or are Too Self Absorbed to Care, or are Too Selfish to Care, or are Too Stupid to Care, or are so Machiavellian that they Cater to the People who Don't Care . . . All of which is Reflected in our Mutual Societies, where People who Don't Care . . . are Voting for Horrible Representatives, who are Destroying the Respective Society . . . Of People Who Do Care, Which I Take Very Personally.

If You Don't Care . . . Don't Vote – and Don’t Cry Me a River, when things aren’t going the way you think they should go. Especially when you're not getting your “Entitlement” - because you Didn't Care Enough to know the Truth when it Meant Something.

By Not Caring . . . The World Is Heading To Hell In A Hand-Basket.


The Government & Pundits are Saying that this 2-Year (Plus) Inquiry Cost the Taxpayers $25-Million. I don’t believe that. Not even for a Second. I think this Inquiry Cost the Taxpayers far More than $25-Million. But Let’s Say That It Did.

How much did this Travesty Cost the Federal Government in Lost Time and Important International Opportunities, Especially in Trade, as the World Looked at American Congressional Insiders, Who Did All They Could To Savage Their President?

How much did this Inquiry Cost the many People who had to Defend themselves against a Rogue Justice Department & FBI who were Attempting a Coup D'état?

What was the Human (Social & Mental) Cost to the People who were Psychologically Brutalized by the Nazi, Stasi, KGB . . . Tactics Of Mueller’s FBI?

And What Was The Cost To The Trust Of The American People . . . In America’s Federal Judicial System? I Think It’s Irreparable.

So . . . When the Pundits Agree that the Mueller Inquiry Cost the American People $25-Million, they are so Far from the Truth, like most Everything Else they Report, because No One will ever Know the Real Cost of this Travesty . . . That Can Never Be Repaired Or Repaid.

And That Too . . . Is Because People Don't Care!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


In February, I visited my Mother in Washington State. While there, we had a horrendous snow storm and when it came time to go back to the airport, I had to get my rental car out of a snow pile which was created, largely, by the snow plow. I had to dig for two hours. I am 75. It was not fun. During that time, 70 or 80 cars passed on the road without so much as ‘are you ok?’ Glad I live in Canada where helping a neighbour is not completely dead! Kathy Vander Reyden, Calgary

Posted On: 3/24/2019 12:50:33 PMKathy Reydn, Calgary, Alberta

Here’s something I care about. When is Rosenstein leaving? He was supposed to leave by the middle of March, and yet, he’s still there defending the Swamp. Mueller is done with his portion of the coup, now it’s Rosensteins turn.

Posted On: 3/24/2019 12:52:24 PMForrest M. Patterson, Hartland, MI 48353-3051

Trying to get in my exit lane, with turn signal on, NO ONE let me in. I missed it and wound up in the opposite direction as the Xway split. Got off the next exit to turn around and had to go over 2 lanes. I was forced to cut in to get to my lane as NO ONE would let me in AGAIN. The gal beside me began screaming obscenities at me and when I tried to explain she started SPITTING on my car! I could not believe how rude and terrible she was. NEVER have I seen such behavior on the road. NEVER!

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:11:50 PMHope Wozniak, Cleves, OH

Most infuriating, are ignorant people who open a door, walk in n let the door slam into the person behind; on me sometimes of course. The age of Chivalry n manners has passed, maybe never 2 return. Some seniors are courteous n have manners but we are just Okies from Muskogee. Road rage is n easy trap 2 fall into but not worth a heart attack. I shout out in the car now rather than risk my life chasing after idiots as I would do in younger days. Take care Howard, arrive safe back in Canada

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:12:41 PMKen Davies, Cornwall, Ontario

Y'all need to come south. I live in a suburb of Atlanta. At age 76 I am now relegated to using a walker. Every time I go in a store or to a government office there is no end of people offering to help me -- to open a door, or give me their place in line, or making arrangements for me to have a chair. These people can be black, brown, or white. Everybody offers what help they can if they can.

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:23:09 PMWilliam Dyson, Fairburn, Georgia, United States

Greetings: I AGREE with your view of oblivious, selfish, uncaring people. It boils down to 1 thing... UPBRINGING! Much of this apathy is because too many parents & FAMILY just DON’T CARE! Many TEACHERS don’t care. Shopkeepers don’t care (MOST are NEVER there). HAND OUTS breed contempt. This total disregard for others is due to LIBERAL parenting since the ‘60’s. DISRESPECT became the RULE rather than the EXCEPTION. Being a GOOD CITIZEN is a RESPONSIBILITY, which many LIBERALS care nothing about

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:27:56 PMGordon Steinberg, St Augustine, Florida, United States

I could not agree with you more! And these morons who know nothing about Socialism spout all their anti-American rhetoric all over the place ..... they've never learned, let alone be around when the boys came home from WWII. Schools are doing a terrible job teaching our young people anything about what it means to be an American. I say, send all these Socialist loving people to Venezuela for a year and then see how they like it. I'm with you Howard!! All the way! Barb Brooke

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:29:32 PMBarbara E. Brooke, Staunton, Virginia

Mueller didn't run an investigation, it was an inquisition.

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:47:46 PMMartin Achilles, Edgecomb, Maine, United States

to Kathy,who visited washington state,you were in one of the three most leftist counties in the state,thankfully the rest of the state isn't like that,but we are outnumbered,they control.ask the joker Inslee.

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:47:59 PMLee Prejean, City Laconner, Washington, United States

Howard, Everything you mentioned in this writing could be said of the Chicago area. Note only do people NOT CARE, they are RUDE, CRUDE and SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE! What a sad commentary about the culture we live in.

Posted On: 3/24/2019 1:52:01 PMWilliam Lange, Tinley Park, Illinois, United States

What twists my knickers is when you let someone In front of you when driving and said person cannot take the time to raise their hand in acknowledgement. That said, I'm seeing many young men these days offering assistance. I'm working on a pipeline, and during winter work the lumps of dirt along the ditch can be quite a hazard. Anytime I've been negotiating these lumps a young man between 20 to 35 yrs old has offered me an arm. I nearly fell over the first time it happened. There is hope!

Posted On: 3/24/2019 2:30:27 PMKelly Tkachuk, McRae, Alberta

Howard, you have manners and therefore expect others to have manners as well. I use turn signals, drive courteously and yet was almost a victim of road rage until the other driver discovered that he brought a tire iron to what was going to be a gunfight when he raised it to strike me/my car until he saw the .357 in my hand and FROZE. In the 22 years I've had a CCF permit, I've never fired it anywhere but the range and that was the first time I ever had to draw it. People are crazy these days.

Posted On: 3/24/2019 2:31:10 PMTeri Newman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

I have taken to avoiding places & situations with the potential of being around too many people ; young people ;young female people . And forget about straightening any of these snowflakes out, the repercussions from "authorities" outweigh the gratification. Of course I always preferred being around my dog(s) than most people .

Posted On: 3/24/2019 2:44:42 PMBruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario

RE: "Hold a Door Open for People": In just the last two days, several people asked me to step forward as they wish me to pass them first or hold a door open for me. Whenever I can, I hold a door open or ask them to go forward in my place, even though I use a cane. They thank me and I just say, "That's what my mother taught me". Some look back at me and just smile, knowingly understanding what I said. I don't ask for thanks as this is just what I do. I always thank my mother, God rest her soul

Posted On: 3/24/2019 3:27:56 PMChuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States

Howard, maybe you should stay away from Austin and come to East Texas!

Posted On: 3/24/2019 3:44:19 PMJeannine Whatley, Kilgore Texas

Mr, G, just think of all the people who do care and forget about the rest. I've always thought that the USA could only be destroyed from within and, by God, the left is going at it with hammer and tongs. If that Osasio etc. gets her way, we'll all go down like another earthquake. Keep up the good work; there are many Americans who agree with you (and this old Canadian as well)!

Posted On: 3/24/2019 4:31:24 PMMadelene J Gilligan, Plantagenet ON

Just read that President Trump has been completely exonerated on both Collusion and Obstruction. So he was right, that this had been nothing but a “witch hunt”. Now it’s time to investigate all the rats, including Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and on and on down the list. I really think the next year or two is going to be fun, seeing all these Democrat Operatives indicted. May Justice Prevail!

Posted On: 3/24/2019 4:50:27 PMDon Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada


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