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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Howard Galganov

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Because there are so many issues to deal with on a day-to-day basis, I literally never run an EditorialTHREAD”. At most, I might write one or two follow-ups, but generally, not more than one.


I have received many COMMENTS, which people have left on the BLOG concerning the BIG SPEECH, and FAR MORE in my IN-BOX.


People who’ve contacted me via EMAIL, and have COMMENTED on the BLOG, have various common fears and concerns.

1 – Will Netanyahu be BULLIED into NOT making the speech?

2 – Will Netanyahu hold back so as NOT to irritate the President?

3 – There is also a thread of FEAR for Netanyahu’s LIFE.

4 - Will the Media even carry the speech?

5 – Will the Media give the speech a fair review?

6 – Will the American Jewish LEFT criticize Netanyahu? And will the Israeli LEFT still support Obama?

7 – And will anyone show-up to hear the speech?

I do not pretend to be an EXPERT on any of this, but I do have my OPINIONS that are based on experience and knowledge of  HISTORY, the REGION, and the PLAYERS.


1 – YOU CANNOT BULLY A REAL LEADER, especially one who was a trained and Combat Tested Commando, who is fighting for the survival of his people. Netanyahu will give that speech, even if he has to do it from a stretcher.

2 – Because of Obama’s PETULANCE, and combined extraordinarily BAD BEHAVIOR toward Israel over the past 6-YEARS . . . Netanyahu has been driven to the point, that what bothers Obama is no longer an issue for Israel. THE PRIME MINISTER WILL HOLD NOTHING BACK IN HIS CRITIQUE OF IRAN.

3 – If the THREAT of violence (assassination) is something for Netanyahu to guide his decisions and actions, he wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. A REAL LEADER does what has to be done IN-SPITE of the threats.

4 – ALL THE NEWS MEDIA will have no choice, but to carry this speech in one way or another if they don’t want to become even MORE IRRELEVANT in the eyes of the people they depend upon for audience and revenue.

5 – The Media might not want to give Netanyahu a FAIR RIDE, because of their slant to the LEFT, but, if the Prime Minister’s Speech is what I am certain it will be, for the Media to attack Netanyahu, they would be attacking Israel, putting them VERY MUCH ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THIS DEBATE AND HISTORY.

So . . . Even if they REALLY want to slant Netanyahu’s speech to the negative, it will be done at their own risk if Netanyahu delivers what I am certain will be a CHURCHILLIAN SPEECH.

6 – I have no idea what the Leftist American Jewish Community will say about Netanyahu, but, as being a VERY PRO ISRAEL JEW, I couldn’t give a RAT’S-ASS what the Jewish LEFT will have to say.

I do NOT see the American Jewish LEFT as co-religionists who deserve special consideration. IN FACT, I consider them to be JUDENRAT, who are the problem . . . not the solution.

AS FOR ISRAELIS . . . The Obama honeymoon didn’t last long enough for the consecration. And if Obama were to run today for ISRAELI DOG-CATHER-IN-CHIEF, the dog would win.


7 – EVERY REPUBLICAN WILL COME TO HEAR IT . . . and guests who are renowned for who they are and what they do . . . are already NEGOTIATING HARD, for an invitation to be in the Spectators’ Balcony.

AS FOR DEMOCRAT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS . . . THEIR ENTIRE BLACK CAUCUS has already made it clear that they will stay away. I guess the Black Caucus doesn’t like Jews. Or they simply FAVOR Iran.

Hardcore LEFTISTS have said they will stay away. But anyone, who wished that Netanyahu would have changed his mind and NOT come . . . who are too politically frightened themselves NOT to come, will be there, ONLY because they’re political Prostitutes.


Several people have asked me who in government will be able to attend the speech at the JOINT SESSION of CONGRESS, several thinking that it is ONLY HOUSE MEMBERS who can attend.

THE JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS . . . is the rare coming together in one room, all at the same time, of the WHOLE CONGRESS, including all Senators and all House Members.

Generally . . . the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, and leaders of both parties attend. And in some cases, so do the Supreme Court Justices. THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS IS.

And that’s how INSULTING it will be to all Jews and all Israelis by all the politicians who DON’T show-up for whatever reason.


I see the Israeli Prime Minister coming to the SPEAKER’S Podium under an EARTH SHAKING AND EAR SPLITTING STANDING OVATION.

I see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu given the SUPER STAR – SUPER HERO treatment, as the CHURCHILL of our day . . . and the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY MOSES of Israel and the Jewish People.


Conservative Politicians in opposition have finally come to the conclusion, that Obama, and the LEFT in general, have overplayed their hand, and have run out of cards.


And as soon as the SHEEPLE begin to smell the BLOOD of the LEFT, and today’s version of Aristocrats on either side of the great divide . . . that’s when they will begin to eat their own.


ON MARCH 3, 2015 . . . The Joint Session Of Congress will welcome a new CHURCHILL who will come forward. And the REST will be history.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


Surely CSPAN will cover this histroic event of the Israeli Prime Minister addressing the joint session of Congress. I would urge patriots listen and watch for themselves.

Posted On: 2/27/2015 1:48:34 PMCharles A. Orr, Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Very keen insights, Howard. Well said indeed. There is a great split in this world and it is incredible how wide the gap between the 2 sides is. What to do...but follow Winston's advice..."KBO."

Posted On: 2/27/2015 10:00:45 AMBob Heltman, Hendersonville, NC USA 28793

Great editorial Howard--I will be watching Netanyahu.

Posted On: 2/27/2015 8:12:30 AMPatricia Garcia-Kenney, Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States

Good article!!! I hope you are availing yourself to Dr. Vineyard's blog. I know a bunch of conservative, G-d fearing Christians who are in the camp of Israel. They whole heartedly believe Gen. 12:2-3. The jewish left had better heed the Word of G-d in Rev. 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 1611KJV ANTI-ISREAL BEWARE!!

Posted On: 2/27/2015 7:48:19 AMKenneth Lee, Lake Alfred, Florida, United States

I believe you have framed it well, Howard. It will be as you have stated. "If you build it, they will come." They will come out of curiosity and for many other reasons. They will come to hear a great man speak. They will come because no other country as small as Israel could have withstood what they have for these few years. The Book said long ago, "I have put my name in Jerusalem" and it is there until this day. I think more on the Left will show than anticipated and for their own reasons.

Posted On: 2/27/2015 1:48:53 AMBilly J. Minatra, Kingsbury, Texas, United States

Netanyahu was to give a speech at the Concordia University in Montreal in the year 2002-09-10. Pro-Palestinian's over ran the university. They couldn't guarantee Netanyahu's safety was the reason for cancellation. Pro-Palestinian's Islamic we should have known back then. THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT.......we will hear what Netanyahu has to say. Thanks Howard.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 10:10:32 PMLynda Cook, Killarney, Manitoba, Canada

Howard, I am going to take the day off just to be able to listen to Netanyahu's speech. I do hope that he will come out with guns blazing and with the courage of David against Goliath. Wish him the best. Steve Acre, Montreal, Quebec

Posted On: 2/26/2015 8:13:13 PMSteve Acre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Agree wholeheartedly, was among first to say B-B's speech is a Churchill moment. Conversely, watch events unfold that show this & related events to be double-edged swords, wielded by BHO's NWO handlers. The NWO has us pretty much right where they want us, divided, on extreme opposite poles. BHO will be thrown under the bus by his own handlers, while most citizens won't know what or whom to believe or trust. We continue to resist evil and sound off, but watch. Few winners afterwards, in the end.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 7:10:01 PMRon White, Woodland Park, CO

Excellent Howard! And credit is due to the Republican Leadership in the House and Senate for having the foresight and courage to invite Bibi to address them.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 6:56:37 PMWallace Day, Plattsburgh NY

You embellished your comments to the hilt, but score one for yourself. I've grown to detest this Quisling-in-chief. Actually, he lost me first when he said Israel should return to its pre-Six-Day-War borders (Israel will return the Golan to Syria when pigs could fly!), that started my detestation; making Netanyhu wait around from Obummer while having his family dinner second; after holding back attacks from Gaza was third before Israel finally fired back third. Hope your right, HG!

Posted On: 2/26/2015 5:48:55 PMDaniel Rosensweig, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Each time that I read one of your insightful editorials, it makes my mind go back and look at all that my 86 years have seen, the causes, and outcomes. Mid 1960's Barrons had an article re the American Communist Party and the plan. The US was years ahead of the plan. I don't remember if it was according to Gus Hall or whom. In short, there is, or are, long term master plans to change the US and they are executing them well. First, they indoctrinate the young. Nazi Germany is a model.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 5:24:08 PMJohn F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA

Outstanding editorial!!! I was named Winston because of my parents great admiration of Winston Churchill, and I carry the name proudly. He was a great man, and carried England on his shoulders during the war. I too feel that Netanyahu is that kind of leader.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 5:06:02 PMWinston "Flash" Gordon, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

I believe that Christians agree around the world that the Israelis are Gods Chosen. Netanyahu has been chosen of God for purposes. Not yet disclosed in full to us. And he is not fearful of the Consequences of his purpose. We must trust in God for his safety and effectiveness. In his Resistance against Barrack Hussein Obama. ?? Does that name sound Muslim to anyone else.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 5:01:07 PMDanny Clyde Buckles, Elizabethton Tennessee

I could not agree with you more, Howard. Here's to a successful speech and over all presentation by Netanyahu! It's nice to see a leader with guts and purpose and a great desire for his country and his people. Have not seen too many of those in our country in a while. Listening to Netanyhu will be like breathing a breath of fresh air.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 4:48:23 PMCathy Stokes, Granite Falls, NC 28630

Howard, your editorials are always educational and mind-expanding.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 4:35:51 PMRobert O'Brien, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Howard ..... I believe just the fact that our "king" and his entourage refuse to go to hear Netanyahu's speech, and not welcome him to the White House (I guess that would be too much to expect) reminds me of a little boy standing in the corner stomping his foot, saying "No, I won't." What a wonderful, "mature" child we have for the supposed leader of this once-great nation. He has done more to destroy this nation, degrade it in the eyes of the rest of the world than anyone. BB

Posted On: 2/26/2015 4:22:07 PMBarbara E. Brooke, Frederick, Maryland, USA

From your mouth to G-d's ears. well said

Posted On: 2/26/2015 4:06:05 PMLorne Hendel, Toronto ON

"THEIR ENTIRE BLACK CAUCUS has already made it clear that they will stay away. I guess the Black Caucus doesn’t like Jews. Or they simply FAVOR Iran." I invite them to try out 2 kind of vacations: a week in Israel VS a week in Iran...bonne chance with Iran!!

Posted On: 2/26/2015 4:04:45 PMYan Provencher, Drummondville, Québec

Once again, Howard, excellent editorial. If Netanyahu's speech IS the spark that ignites our leaders in Washington & around the world, as well, to stand up to Obama and his lame ineffective non-policies, the Coward-In-Chief MAY be forced to do something he's been loathe to do: NAME the enemy. Then set up a team to create a strategy to DEFEAT the enemy and then finally, set in motion actions to defeat the enemy, aka Fundamentalist Islamic TERRORISTS! Period! Long live Israel and her people.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 4:00:57 PMSherrye E Schwarz, Hidden Valley Lake, CA., USA

Ahoy America! You are constantly fed the story that thousands of American young men and women have died defending democracy and "American Interests" in the Middle East. How can you defend something that is non-existent. Outside of Israel, DEMOCRACY never existed there! The secret lies in the spelling of "American Interests". It's spelled O-I-L. Proof: No American soldier has ever died defending Israel! Why?? It's simple. Israel has NO OIL. Mortimer Levy, Montreal

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:59:14 PMMortimer Levy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

See how predicatively lefty "American" media covers this. Visualize West Wing flunkies on the phones with major media puppets, demanding this be "underplayed"...no worries about that, it will. America must hear "Bibbi" to get the truth. This is an American issue..Obama is trying to make it strictly Israeli! Iran has huge oil and gas deposits. There is no reason to have any thing nuclear in Iran unless they want a bomb. Bibbi might give them one for free, if he doesn't get reliable U.S. support

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:45:41 PMAlan Ageloff, Jupiter, FL

I have no doubt that before I die I will be defending my homeland. As a 60's-70's teenager WWII to me was a conflict of a generation long entered into the history books to be viewed on the big screen with John Wayne. I often wonder what the spark will be igniting the fuse leading us once again into a black hole of stupidity repeating a history that we never learn. This time I fear we will not return from the rubble. To the followers of Galganov, is March 3 2015 the spark ?????

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:38:39 PMJeff Bogaerts, Smiths Falls, Ontario

As I recall he was shut down in Montreal a few years ago, what does this say about Canada?? and freedom of speech and peoples right to be informed. See you soon.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:33:44 PMGregg Roberts, St-Lazare, Qc

Mr. G., I read your editorials religiously, and admire you tremendously for your courage and your willingness to speak out for ordinary people, who do not have the means or medium to do as you. I am so hoping that you are correct, that this speech by the great Netanyahu will serve as a rallying point for conservatives in the wretched hive of DC, as well as across our nation. We continue to pray for our country and Israel, for we are the only line of defense left against the evil of Islam.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:26:18 PMAlma Womack, Jonesville, LA USA

I expect that while Netanyahu's time here, and especially during his address to Congress, Obama will say or do something outrageous (what else is new?) that will attempt to divert the nation and the media.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:15:17 PMHarry A. Cole, Bulverde, TX

Hello Howard. This is going to be an interesting day coming. It will be a time for all to see who is with the US and who are aginst. You can not be against Israel and be for US. For a long time the administration have tried to make us all believe the government is for freedom and a free west. We are being threatened by Iran and ISIS. As Bush said if your not for us, you are against us. This will be the time to expose who they are. Keep up the good work. Thanks Howard.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 3:10:38 PMArne Hansen, Santa Ynez CA

I'm more concern with Netanyahu's safety. I don't trust Obama, he could have him taken out and blame the Republicans. We all know that it would be a lie, well that is all except the yahoo's who follow after his butt because he calls himself a Democrat. Hitler could have been considered a hero in America if he had said that he was a Democrat! And no, I haven't seen many horns tooting for the Republicans we presently have in Congress. When I see impeachment papers on Obama I toot that horn!

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:51:00 PMLonnie B. Collett, Rochester Hills, Mi.

You're right, Howard, "YOU CANNOT BULLY A REAL LEADER". It will be very interesting to see who WILL and WILL NOT show up to hear Netanyahu speak! The LIBERALS fear HIM and his MESSAGE and are trying to discourage their cohorts from attending this event. It is so disgusting to hear the negative comments which are being made about Netanyahu. Finally, we will see what a TRUE LEADER represents. Quote: "A leader is one who KNOWS the way, GOES the way, and SHOWS the way."

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:41:44 PMPAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA

I urge everyone to hear Netanyahu's speech, it is vital to our well being, maybe even our survival, not dramatic sharing truth. Obama is in a state of Hysteria over the speech as is the left, even leftist Jews, which disgusts me. The sheer fact that the Obama Adm. is in an uproar proves my point a must watch! What is the Obama adm. hiding from us he doesn't want us to know?

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:31:43 PMShirley Friedman, West Hills, CA USA

I am sooooo looking forward to what he has to say! Thank you for another great editorial Howard.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:19:39 PMKate Stone, Klamath Falls, OR., USA

The "THING" in the White House has already demonstrated his strong Arab support and complete hatred of Israel and Jews. Let us not go back to what we all already know. The speech would have gone quitter without all the publicity of the "THING" and his lackeys. As per usual the lies are flying, Kerry attacked Netanyahu and said that he was responsible for having influenced American invasion of Iraq in 2002/3, Netanyahu was not in government until 2009 but Kerry did vote for it as a senator.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:17:59 PMVic Levy, Sarasota, FL

While you may be right, that we have a new Churchill in the guise of Netanyahu, we already have a new Chamberlain, in our "beloved leader," who is right now, appeasing ISIS, Iran, and the muslims. I'm afraid for our country and our people, the American people. God help us all.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:12:29 PMJeff Chasalow, Galveston, Texas

Howard- This is the first time I have written anything to you, but, with all of the Liberals screaming about this and that, I think they are a bunch of pansies!! I value your courage and fortitude for standing up and "leading" the assault on the "pansies!!" Thank you so much.

Posted On: 2/26/2015 2:09:42 PMRichard Furstenberg, Melbourne, FL


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