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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Howard Galganov

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There’s a word to describe every kind of homicide, but I can’t find the one that I need to BEST describe the MURDER of a NATION . . . or perhaps more succinctly, the SUICIDE of a nation.

On July 23, 2009 . . . I wrote an editorial titled:


In this editorial, I regurgitated what I had predicted the mess that I believed would become of America if Obama became President . . . and to my great sorrow, I was pretty much on-target.

With all candor, I can’t take credit for being such a soothsayer, since NOT being able to tell America’s future with Obama becoming President was no great achievement.

THE REAL UNDER-ACHIEVEMENT . . . comprised the people who were so politically and socially uninformed, or not caring, so as NOT to foresee the Obama NIGHTMARE on the horizon, that they voted for this nightmare in waiting.

On October 31, 2008 . . . I wrote an editorial titled:


. . . Barack Obama is also a “GLOBALIST”.

He sees the world through the lenses of the United Nations, when in fact the UN is the most useless international appendage that has ever been created.

As the world suffered and continues to suffer throughout Africa, Asia, the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East, the UN and its privileged despotic members, many of whom are themselves responsible for heinous crimes against humanity, bask in the glow of a veneer of respectability.

This is who Barack wants to be in control of the civilized world.

When Barack Obama tells Israel how much he LOVES the Jewish State, but that the Jewish State must be prepared to make painful concessions for peace, what do you think he means by PAINFUL CONCESSIONS?

In just a few days, the American people might elect the man that could very well destroy their magnificent nation and do enormous harm to the entire world.

In my editorial published yesterday, I said that I don’t sleep very well thinking about a Barack Obama Presidency. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

On October 28, 2014 . . . I wrote an editorial titled:


. . . Here is the difference between why the USA is great and the rest of the world is not.

America has always stood for everyone’s RIGHT to succeed or fail. And for those who failed, they also knew they had the RIGHT to try again and fail again as many times as it would take to finally make-it.

Obama’s America wants to punish those who are willing to fail in order to succeed, and reward those who won’t succeed because they are not willing to fail.

This election is critical to the entire world. If the Left finally assassinates the American dream, there is no other country on this planet that will be capable of keeping the dream alive.

A victory for Barack Obama will be a victory for the ordinary.

This election has far less to do with just electing a President of the USA and the next world leader, it has to do with the very survival of the American Dream which energizes the whole world.


If Obama wins, it will be the equivalent to the Boston Tea Party, in as much as it will be the catalyst of a vicious social revolution that will tear the USA apart, between those willing to try, and those willing to live off the risk and success of those who have tried and succeeded.


The preceding statement isn’t really true, since only SOME of the STUPID people are waking up, which either way . . . is far too little and far too late.

As bad as Obama has been for America, is just as BAD as the Republican LEADERSHIP led by John Boehner has been as Obama’s ENABLER, by being a PATSY for the White House.

Boehner played by the rules like a good little boy, while Obama made up all the rules as he went along, leaving Boehner to whimper like the kid who just had his lunch money taken by the school bully.


When MORE than ever . . . America NEEDED a STREET FIGHTER in opposition, instead, America got a teary-eyed wimp, who saved his best fighting for the STREET FIGHTERS in his OWN Party . . . AND NOW IT’S TOO LATE.

NOT BECAUSE OF OBAMA . . . but because of the people who elected him, America has become so disjointed, confused and at odds with itself, that no elected Party or Person will make the difference to bring America back without serious pain and anguish.


In spite of anything the politicians decide to do . . . OR NOT TO DO, THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST, and the future will play-out at the grass roots, as the money runs out, and the MAKERS stop MAKING, leaving LITTLE to NOTHING for the TAKERS to TAKE . . . and nowhere for the TAKERS to turn.

Just as Obama has been the GREATEST political FAILURE America has ever known, he will FAIL his Something-For-Nothing BASE no less, leaving them adrift with no paddle, no compass, regrettable CHANGE, and NO HOPE.

The NEXT two years are two years that will be filled with great acrimony and pain, as Obama’s ONE-TIME reverend Jeremiah Wright proclaimed:


Just for you to remember in whose Church Barack and Michelle Obama attended for TWENTY YEARS . . . WATCH THE ABOVE LINKED VIDEO:

IT’S COMING . . . circle the wagons and remember who did it to America when it comes time to pick your friends and know your enemies. Because, when it hits the fan, it’s going to hit hard.

AMERICA CAN SURVIVE MUCH . . . But America CANNOT survive a President who LOVES the sound of his own voice MORE than he loves the country he has sworn to serve . . . who governs by FIAT as though he was an Imperial President . . . with little to no OPPOSITION.

The FOUNDING Fathers WARNED America as SUCCINCTLY as possible, and made numerous, clear, and supposedly inviolable guarantees in the Constitution to protect this day from ever coming . . . AND NOW IT’S INDEED ON THE WAY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


You have been correct all along about this man, but some people need to be reminded, (not me). I saw right through him at the Chicago convention and my opinion of him has not changed, one bit! In fact, it keeps getting worse! Keep these editorials coming! I can proudly say I did not vote for him in either election!

Posted On: 9/17/2014 12:57:20 PMRichard Bouchard, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Howard, as a native of Texas, I extend a sincere welcome to you and your wife to my beloved home state, though I live elsewhere. You appear cut from the same mold as William B. Travis, Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett and the other 253 Texas patriots who died at the Alamo. Ploease advise where in Texas you are or will be settling. Thanks and God's blessings. Max Campbell, Marksville, Louisiana

Posted On: 9/17/2014 12:47:45 PMWalton Max Campbell, Marksville, Louisiana

He and the passed P. M. Pierre (the finger) Trudeau share an unequalled talent for articulated B.S. which manages to baffle the unthinking who, unfortunately, are allowed to vote. Can't fix stupid Howard. But you get top marks for trying. Best, Fred.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 9:22:51 PMFred Dimmick, Seguin, Ontario

It is just unbelievable that people have voted for this phony. It's all about the words not the work. When millions of people are on the take (ebt, food stamps, harp) the cash will run out and when it does....look out! You just cannot fix stupid and that is where we are........

Posted On: 9/16/2014 7:08:46 PMTerrance A. Shively, Whitehouse, OH. USA

Sadly, the title of your editorial says it all. It took me six years of anguish to finally realize the truth. The American electorate isn't going to wake up. They voted for a pot-smoking, socialist motivational speaker because he was black, and doing so relieved them from the guilt they felt about America's racist history. For them it takes disruptions that violate their personal lives to change the way they feel. At this point my only hope is that the coming economic collapse will do just that.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 6:25:28 PMNathan C. Holder, Huntsville, AL

Shades of 1939-41. Face it. We're in WWIII. But this time as we circle the wagons we have to look inward as well as outward to see the enemy.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 4:23:32 PMArnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario

Oh, Lord God, You are America's last and only hope! "The 200th Anniversary of the song that became our National Anthem." Watch this video: http://www.starspangledsunday.com/

Posted On: 9/16/2014 3:33:04 PMTom Kopper, Titusville, PA

My greatest disappointment was when Americans voted to make Obama President. My second, and even greater disappointment was when they did it twice. I guess I was a little nave, as I had no idea as to the depth of stupidity in so many people. I didn't realize how many people in America had become so lazy and entitled. I didn't realize how many people were perfectly OK with relinquishing personal liberties for "hope and change".

Posted On: 9/16/2014 3:23:39 PMWilliam And Vickie McCoy, Leander, TX

What Obama has done and is doing is exactly what I expected; 3 of my 4 brothers supported him and still do. They and their families, with few exceptions. I don't know when or if they will ever realize the criminal offense they committed by voting for him. And, yes, Boehner is just as bad; he has never had the courage or common sense to stand for what he promised when he ran. This nation will suffer even more before and if it's ever returned to any form of freedom.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 2:21:19 PMMarianne Hart, Earlysville, Virginia, USA

Ont. votes a majority Liberal govt. after 10 years of McGinty. US votes Obama 4 more disaster years. England survives the blitz and grabs her ankles to radical Islam and Sharia Law. Democratic countries pay their elected officials to be left alone and not vote. Western US is running out of water. Canada builds malls and sub-divisions on agricultural land. Solar and wind in Ont. land of hydro dams. Municipalities continue to regulate private property. It is not going to end well ... and soon!

Posted On: 9/16/2014 2:14:56 PMJeff Bogaerts, Smiths Falls, Ontario

Right on Howard. Now run for a position in Texas. You will win.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 2:11:43 PMJohn Buettner, North Port, Fl. USA

amen brother!...for your supporters who have not read the book THE SHADOW PARTY by david horowitz and richard poe...i heartily recommend it for their invaluable insights on the deep roots of the soros/obama axis of evil for the transformation of ameica into a 'utopian socialist state' with 1960s radicals in total control...look to the one party states of california, illinois, and new york ...all bankrupt...our last hope is the 50 % of voters who reject this tyranny...keep your powder dry....

Posted On: 9/16/2014 1:44:28 PMjohn k hosemann, ferryville, Wisconsin, United States

Obama is lowlife America personified. The problem lies in the voter population. Just go to public place and look around you, it wreaks of laziness, sloth, jealousy, and stupidity. If the lazy lowlifes hadn't elected Obama they would have elected something similar. Not only do we have to clean up Washington, we need to clean up every street in America.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 12:56:03 PMj walker, Huron, Ohio, United States

Succinct and sadly spot on Howard. As a conservative I feel let down by the Republican party, not only their spineless response to the socialists, but their vicious attacks on actual Conservatives. My wife and I live in Washington state, which is mostly run by socialist democrats. After living here most of my life it is time to face the reality of what is coming and relocate to a saner area such as Idaho or Montana. I only hope things hold together long enough. Thanks for all you do.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 12:38:46 PMDoug Williams, Ferndale, WA 98248

Howard, thank you for your leadership and wisdom. I really appreciate your efforts to keep our moral and conservative values in the forefront of everyone's mind. I have a dreadful and foreboding feeling that something catastrophic will happen within the next two years. I hope our military remains faithful to the Constitution and is not used by a dictator who seized full control of the government under the guise of preserving the country.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 12:07:51 PMSilvio Cutuli, North Myrtle Beach SC

I too said Obama would be the biggest mistake the US ever made. I was working in the US at the time. I did manage to convince at least two lifetime democrats to vote Republican; sadly McCain would have been almost as bad. The guy never said anything substantive and when he did say the few clear intentions he had( fundamentally change America) everyone should have been running to the Republicans. Very few listened to what he said - which was NOTHING!

Posted On: 9/16/2014 12:07:27 PMKelly Tkachuk, McRae, Alberta

Hussein Obama is 50% to blame. The other 50% falls on the American People who elected this , and is equally shared by the Republic Party and the elected Officials. They are as big losers as BHO2.

Posted On: 9/16/2014 11:56:17 AMPaul Branch, Osprey, Florida USA

I so agree with you. You are spot on. It is like watching a Hurricane coming on shore and no place to go

Posted On: 9/16/2014 11:39:08 AMJanice R. McCullough, Birmingham, AL USA

I remember your predictions only too well. Your editorials (all of them) are truly amazing!

Posted On: 9/16/2014 11:36:19 AMDave Amsel, St. Laurent, Quebec


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